Your Worth Is Never In Question. Only Your Self-Perception Is.

You question yourself so much.

You question how good of a person you truly are. You question all of the mistakes you’ve made and what they mean about you. You question if there’s something wrong with you.

And each of these questions come back to one thing.

Your self-worth.

Each time you question you’re effectively saying, “I’m not enough. I need to be different or more to feel whole.”

But I’m here to remind you that your worth could never be in question.

How could a spark of the infinite question its worth? How could it be anything but worthy? You were given life by the limitless Creator of life, and that alone gives you immeasurable worth.

That alone tells you: You are meant to be here; as you are.

You may wish to be different; better; more worthy. But you- as you are- are a gift to this world. Even your shortcomings are part of that gift.


Because shortcomings are the ultimate teacher of love. They are an unparalleled catalyst of learning.

When you act unskillfully with others, you offer both them and yourself an opportunity to learn compassion and true love. They are given a chance to respond with love, despite the pain you may have caused, and you are given a chance to forgive yourself by seeing the inner pain that caused you to act in that way.

In both instances, what is offered is the chance to see beyond the illusion of physicality to the truth of your being. And when the truth is glimpsed, your soul sings, and you evolve to a higher level of consciousness.

And you have the same opportunity to learn compassion from others. Each of you is the catalyst for the growth of others.

But you keep thinking that you need to be perfect. You keep judging every shortcoming and failure as the proof of your lack of wholeness and full worth.

But, my dear human, you were never meant to be perfect. If you were supposed to be perfect, you wouldn’t be here in human form.

Part of you- what you might call the soul- is a perfect aspect of the Creator. But this space-suit that you call the human is the learning vehicle. It was meant to be imperfect.

For your very imperfection is the classroom through which you learn compassion and love, for others and yourself.

And whenever you falter just remember: Your worth is never in question. Only your self-perception is.

So change that self-perception. Embrace yourself and others as you are.

It’s what you came here to do.




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