When You Find Compassion For Others, There Is Nothing Left to Forgive.

Being human isn’t easy.

Even if you have a good life, you experience so much pain and sadness as a natural part of it.

Often, that pain comes from others.

From their inconsiderate words. From their selfish actions.

And it’s all too easy to feel anger and resentment. They hurt you after all, and it seems completely justified to hold it against them.

But part of you knows that you’ll only hurt yourself by holding the anger and pain within. It’s like drinking poison.

So you may feel a desire to attempt to forgive.

But it doesn’t feel natural.

They hurt you, and a part of you feels that they don’t deserve forgiveness. That they deserve to suffer for what they did.

So you push through it. You force yourself to forgive. You use self-discipline and tell yourself it’s OK.

But it’s not OK.

Because even if your mind has forgiven, your heart still holds the pain.

And what could possibly ease the suffering of the heart? What could allow this pain to truly release and set you free?


When you look at the one who caused you pain, and see not a villain but one who is in hidden internal pain themselves, you naturally feel compassion for them.

Now you no longer personalize what they’ve said or done to you, for you know it’s truly not about you. It’s their own hidden pain being projected onto you.

Compassion allows you to see their child essence, which is hurting and doing anything it can to protect itself. It hides behind the adult facade and makes it seem that that person is being cruel, or ignorant, or inconsiderate.

But behind it all is just pain.

The pain of being human. Of not being unconditionally loved as a child. Of not feeling enough.

And what would you do if you saw a child in pain? Would you withhold yourself from that child, or would you embrace it with your love?

The embrace is an act of compassion.

It’s an act of true love because you’re seeing beyond appearances, fearlessly going through your own pain to embrace that of another.

That sets you free, while unconsciously healing the other.

And then there’s nothing left to forgive, because you’re no longer personalizing the pain that was caused.

And your suffering heart is healed, because in the very feeling of compassion it has become opened.

For suffering is nothing more than a closed heart.

So open.

Open your heart and be healed.





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