Unworthy? You Are Love Itself In Temporary Human Form.

How easy it is to feel unworthy.

You experience yourself to be an imperfect human, with shortcomings and frailties.

You hold an idealistic standard for yourself and feel disappointed that you always seem to come up short.

And no matter how loved you are by your family and friends, this world can leave you feeling anything but unconditionally loved.

So you feel a vague sense of emptiness inside. There’s a void that needs to be filled.

That void is a manifestation of unworthiness. It tells you that you’re not enough as you are. It compels you to seek outside yourself to prove your worthiness.

It tells you that maybe when you find someone who’s completely in love with you, then you’ll feel worthy.

Maybe when you have your own children and a close family, then you’ll feel worthy.

Maybe when you’re finally as successful as you’ve always wished to be, feeling respected and recognized, then you’ll feel worthy.

But nothing seems to bring that sense of worthiness.

No matter what you accomplish, there’s always a nagging feeling that you need to do more. You need to be more.

But I’m here to remind you that there’s nothing to do and no one to be to feel worthy.

For you are the king or queen who lost their memory and wandered off and became a beggar. You beg for nourishment and yet you have untold treasures that have always been yours. You have never lost them and could never lose them.

And the greatest material treasures pale in comparison to your treasures, for your treasures are not possessions but your very essence itself.

You see, behind the illusory veil of human existence, you are unbounded love. You are Spirit without limits, and your nature is pure love.

So tell me, how could love itself be unworthy?

What could be more worthy?

You were created by Infinite Love, in its image. Your existence is of infinite worth.


And when you are feeling down or thinking that you need to accomplish something to feel good about yourself, remember that you are so cherished that your true essence was created out of love itself. And remember that the human you think yourself to be is only a tiny, temporary aspect of your true limitless Self.

And when that memory and realization dawns on you, where is unworthiness then?

Now you can go out and accomplish all that you feel inspired to without needing that accomplishment to define or fulfill you.

Instead, it becomes your gift to the world, as you share your essence in joy of who you truly are.

And then there is no success or failure. Only love expressing itself in temporary human form.




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