The Problem Is Not Your Problems, But Your Resistance to Them. Embrace and Be Free.

Problems everywhere.

Solve one and another one appears to readily take its place.

It seems to you that to be human is to continually deal with one problem after the other- never being free of them for more than a fleeting instant.

But what if you’re not meant to be free of them in the way you imagine freedom?

What if problems are a natural- and purposeful- part of each human’s path, and that they have a very beneficial role to play?

Not an easy concept to entertain, I know.

But stay with me on this one.

You are not here to have everything just work out for you. You are not here to control everything that happens so only “good” things occur. You are not here to pray that nothing bad ever occurs.

You are here to learn how to love as unconditionally as you can.

That is why you took this temporary human form.

This is a classroom, and it’s not meant to be an easy one. You are in a university graduate-level program.

And what is the curriculum in this classroom? What will help you learn the real lesson your soul needs to learn?


Think about it. If everything went perfectly- exactly as you desire- how hard would it be to love?

How hard would it be to love others if they always behaved exactly as you wanted them to? How hard would it be to love your circumstances if you always got exactly what you wanted? How hard would it be to love yourself if you always met your own highest standards?

Where would the learning be in that? Where would the growth be?

No. You are not here to love that which is easy to love.

You are here to love the seemingly unlovable.

You are here to have problems and to find equanimity with them; to accept and even embrace them for the lessons that they are even as you try to solve them.

But when you attempt to solve them while holding an inner attitude of love instead of resentment, anger, and resistance, something magical happens.

You become free.

For your problems were never the problem. Your resistance to them has always been your one and only problem.

Embrace that resistance with love and acceptance, as you embrace the problems that are your greatest teachers, and you will experience freedom like never before.



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