The Infinite Is Seeking You. Don’t Hide.

You’ve been told that this is a one-way quest.

That you’re born, and you spend the rest of your time on earth seeking. Seeking happiness. Seeking fulfillment. Seeking deeper meaning.

Yet what if you knew that what you’re seeking is also seeking you?

That’s what I came to tell you.

That even if you don’t know what you’re truly searching for, and you only have a vague notion of discontent and emptiness that you’re trying to fill, the very thing that will fill it is seeking you.

You don’t see it because your eyes are fixed upon the world.

Yet the world is not its home.

The world could never contain it, for it’s beyond all boundaries.

It is the Infinite.

It is the Power that gave me to you. And for it, I am eternally grateful.

And now that you’re alive, it searches for you. It longs to connect with you as much as you long to connect with it.

That inner longing you’ve felt for so long is your heart’s desire to feel its embrace.

But I have good news for you. Not only is the Infinite searching for you- its journey is one without distance.

Because it’s already within you.

This whole time you’ve searched without. You’ve tried to satisfy that nagging discontentment with the things of this world. With success, recognition, and money. Even friends, relationships, and family.

But I’m here to remind you to look in a place closer to you still. Because it’s only when you close your eyes and seek within that you give the Infinite the chance to find you.

And when it does, its embrace of peace and love will envelop your very being.

And you’ll never want to hide again.



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