Remove the Veil of Forgetfulness and See Love Staring Back at You in The Mirror

You’ve forgotten.

You’ve forgotten who you were before you came here.

Now only a faint memory lingers of a place you once knew. A place you once called home.

But this place isn’t “somewhere” to visit.

It’s You.

And you can remember.

For even though you’ve forgotten who you truly are, your infinite, beautiful essence has never changed.

It is changeless.

But there is a veil of forgetfulness that hides your true Self from you. This isn’t a bad thing- it’s actually quite purposeful. For you came here to learn to express your true essence in the most challenging of conditions.

The veil facilitates this learning.

It would be too easy to respond to anger and hatred with love if you knew yourself and everything around you to be only love beyond the illusion of this world.

But to respond with love when your true essence is kept hidden- when you think yourself to be a fragile human who can be hurt- that is the full expression of your true Self.

That is unconditional love.

But sometimes the veil becomes too thick and you forget that this limitless Self is even there. You forget that it’s hidden, but always there.

And that’s when you suffer.

That’s when your human self thinks it’s all alone.

But you’re never alone.

And I’m here to remind you that while you embrace the challenging lessons this world has to offer, pause each day to look in the mirror.

Not the mirror on the wall, but the one within.

And as you look, gently remove the veil, and see love staring back at you.

This love is endless. And it is You. The true you that’s always there giving you all the love and unconditional support you need.

This Self never judges you. It never asks anything of you. It never leaves you.

It’s always there and it is limitless in its power.

So look and absorb that strength it gives you. Embrace it and let it envelop you.

Then put the veil back and bravely go out into the world. Go out knowing that you’re part angel and part human.

The human needs to learn how to be unconditionally loving in a difficult classroom. But it’s not alone.

Because whenever you lift the veil, love is always there gently staring back at you.




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