Only What You Keep Hidden Within Has Power Over You


You hide so much.

Your pain. Your anger. Your shame. Your fear.

You hide them because you think that if you let them come up they will consume you.

You fear their power over you.

I understand that, but I’m here to remind you of a truth deep inside you: Only what you keep hidden within has power over you.

You don’t realize the full extent of your power. You think these “negative” thoughts and feelings have power over you. But the truth is that you give them all their power.

When you hide them and push them down within yourself, you’re effectively saying “I think you’re powerful”. Why else would you need to keep them hidden? And with that thought, you imbue them with that very power!

Such is your ability to create with your limitless mind.

But what would happen if you brought these inner demons to the light of your awareness? What if you looked at them without any judgment? What if you accepted them as part of your humanness while realizing that they don’t define the truth of your being?

They would lose their power over you.

If you look at the darkness inside of you without judgment, it disappears in the light of your consciousness. All you need is unconditional acceptance of the self to heal yourself and be free.

So stop. Stop reading this. Close your eyes and let anything that you hate or find shameful about yourself come to your awareness.

Now embrace it.

Welcome it.

Love it.

What you’ll find is that the power you thought it had over you is gone. Because you’re no longer fueling it with fear, but accepting it with love.

And that’s when you gain true personal power- which is your unquestionable birthright.



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